Ad Addiction works with a ‘Can-Do’ attitude.
No client is either too big or too small for them. The team is passionate about creating connections through brands and that is all that matters.
They have professional knowledge with an extensive national and international experience in building and managing big brands but at the same time is lean and flexible to meet the client’s needs. Overall their approach is process oriented and strategic and hence designed to connect and deliver brand engagement and success.

Ad Addiction is a boutique advertising agency with the capability, familiarity and knows how to run effective and steady advertising campaigns for the clients. At the same time can mould individual services such as media relations, event organizations, audio visual products, printed materials and websites to precise needs as and when they arise.

Ad Addiction's squad comprises of individuals who maneuver in distinctive fields of knowledge. Some of the roles include Project Manager, Strategic Planner, Creative Director, Production Manager, Journalist, Translators, Graphic Designers, Web Developers, Video Editors, Event Coordinators and Media Relations Officers. Together they all target for the same goal - communicating their client’s message in an unblemished and highly attractive manner, no matter how intricate or challenging the task.

Ad Addiction always using the cutting edge of technology but never dogmatic about it. Their efficient creative and strategy management team will help you identify the best solutions and content in terms of message delivery and return on investment.