Chryse PR & Event Management is an ingrained PR consultancy and Event management full steam eventuated to contrive bespoke events for its client. It is also a specialized Public Relations firm which aims at providing 360-degree PR solutions

"Chryse” chants the core objective of providing uniqueness and newness in the events they conceptualize. Initiated by doyens having individualistic empiricism of years in the disciplines of Media, Marketing and PR, it aims at customer satisfaction and consistency.

Making its avenue in the cosmos of Events. "Chryse" has managed and customized successful events. Known for its hard-working staff and unconventional execution, CHRYSE PR AND EVENTS leaves its clients with an eventful experience.

Augmenting business relations and magnifying employee morale is axial to any corporate event. CHRYSE PR AND EVENTS have a tandem of some of the top-most corporate event planners, able to spruce up immaculate events that avow gilt-edge fortuity to build employee and client relationships, while pacifying the stress of work functions.

From sales conferences to product o weddings and gala receptions, CHRYSE PR AND EVENTS will proffer the apropos ambience while expertly apprising your company’s message. With a repository of exquisite notions and new fangled ideas our team is able to cloy any client request, whether to evince client’s brand, launching a product with paramount impact or producing a highly memorable VIP event.